The Congress


The High Speed Rail World Congress is a UIC event held successfully every 2 years since its first edition in 1992. It is now renowned worldwide as the most prominent and a large-scale global event on high-speed railway, addressing both HSR operation and technology issues.

This important event brings together representatives from international railway organisations, government officials, executives of world-leading railway enterprises, senior HSR experts and managers, researchers and scholars, etc. The Congress will review and look at the current and future development of global HSRs. It will also provide a platform for dialogues and exchanges between actors and enthusiasts of the high-speed rail community.

The Congress will be organised around three main blocks: plenary sessions, round tables and parallel sessions, where participants may have in-depth discussions and exchanges on the latest technologies and achievements of HSR planning, construction, technology & equipment, operation management and safety, etc. One entire day will be devoted to technical visits.

Over 1,500 representatives will come from around the world.

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