The Destination


Founded in 1062, Marrakech is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. Its 600-hectare Medina has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city many rich and diverse tourist attractions provide one of the country's showpieces. A combination of modernity and historical heritage, Marrakech will provide a warm welcome to the participants of the 11ᵗʰ UIC World Congress on High-Speed.

Marrakech, jewel of the most ancestral imperial cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, has more than ten centuries of history. Founded in 1062 by the fearless Almoravid king, Youssef ben Tachafine and his brilliant wife Zaynab Nafzaouia, it has seen several dynasties come and go as the Almohades, the Bénimérines, the Wattassides until the advent of the Alaouites.

Built at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech and its ocher colour seduce its visitors since the dawn of time, with its subtle fragrances of jasmine, verbena, orange blossom and almond trees. Writers, artists, intellectuals of all kinds and with all sorts find unrivalled sources of inspiration in the charms of the city.

A real bewitching setting of atmospheres conducive to the world arts, several celebrities have lived there: Henri Matisse, Jacques Majorelle, Colette, Joséphine Baker, Edith Piaf... Marrakech the “beloved”, as Winston Churchill called it, knows how to welcome everyone, in the pure tradition of the Moroccan art of living and offer an interlude of sweets and dreams with the flavors of the thousand and one nights.

Marrakech is the “Venice of Morocco, a place out of time” as the famous stylist Yves St Laurent used to call it, it is also the crossroads city of a thousand flavors, between a glorious past and a promising future, both authentic and cosmopolitan, it fulfils with a luxuriant beauty the dreams of adventure and the deepest desires of life. Combining modernity and historical heritage, Marrakech succeeds with great pride to Philadelphia, Tokyo and Ankara to warmly welcome the participants to the next UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail.

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