Founded in 1922 and headquartered in Paris, UIC (International Union of Railways) is the most important organisation and platform for international railway exchange and cooperation in the world.

UIC comprises 200 members in 95 countries and promotes rail transport globally with the objective of responding effectively to current and future challenges relating to mobility and sustainable development all over the world.

UIC's main areas of work and functions include International Railway Solutions, railway research and cooperation, international conferences, talent trainings, communication and exchange among members.

The Intercity and High-Speed Committee is part of the Global Passenger Forum and is in charge of co-organising the World Congress on High-Speed Rail with ONCF.

Created in 1963, the ONCF (the Moroccan National Railways Office) is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics of Morocco.

Over the past two decades, the Moroccan railway sector has undergone remarkable transformations. To modernize and develop its network, ONCF has carried out structuring projects that have completely reconfigured the network.

The construction of the first high-speed line connecting Tangier to Casablanca has enabled Morocco to obtain significant improvements in terms of land use planning, traffic fluidity and reduction of journey times, innovative mobility solution offer and improving passengers quality of service.

As the first high-speed train country on the African continent, it is natural that Morocco is today hosting the UIC congress on high-speed rail.

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